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Paul Carrozza of RunTex Trains Like an Elite Athlete
Written on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 in News by: EvoTrain LLC
Today we have a special interview, one that you will want to watch in its entirety.  A legend in the running world and in the Austin community, Mr. Paul Carrozza joins us today to share some strategies to stay healthy and fit no matter how busy you are.  Here are just a few of Paul’s many accomplishments - Developed & built RunTex, the world’s largest store devoted exclusively to running Founded RunTex University, which helps to put on over 100 running events a year Consistently raises over $5 million annually for charities through RunTex events Previously served as a Council…
Tags: Project EvoTrain Running
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Austin's Fittest Entrepreneurs featured on YNN
Written on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 in News by: EvoTrain LLC
It’s not just about adding jobs to the workforce, it’s about enabling a workforce to live better. See Brian & Matt discuss Austin's Fittest Entrepreneurs Competition on YNN's Carrozza's Corner The National Association for Health & Fitness, which is a part of the network of State and Governor’s Councils, has declared May, 2011 as National Employee Health & Fitness month.  While the list of benefits for having healthy employees is endless, here are a few – Enhanced employee productivity Improved health care costs Decreased rates of illness and injuries Reduced employee absenteeism Increased employee leadership Improved positive work environment Regardless…
Tags: austin workforce health fittest entrepreneurs
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Top 5 Tips to Lighten up your Comfort Foods!
Written on Monday, February 07, 2011 in Nutrition by: Leslie Vest
I’ll admit, there is nothing quite like a hearty meal of chicken pot pie, creamy macaroni and cheese, or Mom’s meatloaf and mashed potatoes ... just reading these words can conjure up the aromas of our favorite meals. The problem is these comfort foods are not so “comforting” once all those calories start to creep up on the scale.  Luckily we can still enjoy these classic favorites by making some smart substitutions, like including more veggies, substituting whole grains, and going easy on the fats.  Just follow these top 5 tips to turn comfort foods into healthy meals you can…
Tags: weight loss Nutrition
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ACTIVE Life CEO Baker Harrell Lives by Example!
Written on Thursday, January 27, 2011 in News by: EvoTrain LLC
Hey everyone, The other day I got the opportunity to interview the CEO of ACTIVE Life Baker Harrell. ACTIVE Life is a non-profit Austin based organization who's mission is to make healthy the norm by organizing the movement for a healthy change.  The ACTIVE Life movement has achieved some awesome results to date including getting over 900,000 people in 43 different states to join the ACTIVE Life movement and in their first "Make the Movement Day" in 2010 they recorded over 90,000 moments of health!  Even more importantly, they have bigger events planned in 2011 including a Demand Healthy Week…
Tags: Project EvoTrain ACTIVE life
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A Morning Workout Routine to Energize Your Day
Written on Monday, January 24, 2011 in Cardio by: Mckenzie Cassidy
Hey everybody, Today I have put together a great morning workout routine that includes cardio, sculpting, and stretching all in under 20 minutes!  A great way to start your morning. Instructions: Go through these moments several times slowly, learning the body positions and rhythm. Then, use them together as a light circuit training workout by completing two circuits. Set 1 – Repeat each movement 5 times on one side of the body ( ex. lunging with left leg, squatting out the left ) then proceed 5 more times on the other side. Set 2 - Complete each movement one time…
Tags: Cardio sculpting
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