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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

See how busy people get fit! Featured

Written by EvoTrain LLC


At EvoTrain, our goal is to give you the best workouts possible with minimal time investment, so you can get on with your day. Here we will show you exactly how easy it is to setup and complete a personal training session with us over live face-to-face video calls.  Get ready for great results, fast!


Train from your home, office, hotel room, or anywhere you have Internet access. Our training sessions are just like regular in-person training sessions, except that the session is held over live face-to-face video calls with no fitness equipment required. Most individuals can meet their fitness goals through body weight exercises that focus on functional movements and using light weights that are commonly found in households (i.e. dictionary, chair, book-end). Every training session will only use the equipment you have at your location, and the personal trainer will cater each workout to your environment. Additionally, our sessions are 40 minutes in length, and focused on intensity, short breaks, and maximum effort exercises customized to your fitness level. This allows you to complete your workout and get moving to your next commitment.


How to do online personal training and workout routines with EvoTrain

All you will need to get started is a Skype account (it's free!), an Internet connection, and a webcam. Before your first training session, we will hold a FREE consultation with you, and discuss your goals, history, and any physical limitations you have. Based on this consultation, your trainer will design a customized program for you. You will then work with your trainer to schedule your live training sessions. If a specific day or time does not work for you and your trainer, you can arrange to train with a different trainer at no extra charge!


There are a lot of reasons that training with us will benefit you, save you time, and help you get results.  Here are our top 5 reasons we think you should train with us –


Reason #1 - Personal Training provides faster & better results than any other fitness solution

Think about it this way, what does Manny Pacquiao, Tiger Woods, and Kobe Bryant all have in common?  They all STILL have coaches and trainers.  And they all still have coaches because they all still NEED coaches!

A study done by Extreme Fitness, a popular fitness club in Toronto, Canada showed that, “Members who hire personal trainers typically have 80 percent greater success rate in reaching their fitness goals than those who workout alone.” – John Foulkes, Extreme Fitness Regional Health Centre Manager

The best way to get results in anything you do is by having a mentor or coach who knows how to get you to your goals.  They are there to motivate you, develop a plan with you, and hold you objectively accountable to your dreams.  EVERYONE hits road blocks, and EVERYONE benefits from having an objective, experienced coach to get you through any challenges faced.  While books, videos, and other fad workout plans can work, their success rate is significantly lower than working with a certified personal trainer that provides customized solutions, accountability and keeps you on the fastest path towards your goals.


Reason #2 - You will save a lot of time training with us - How does an extra 5 1/2 hours per week sound?

How to do online personal training and workout routines with EvoTrain

With all that extra time you will save, you will be able to spend more time with your friends, family, or getting through your to-do list at the office. In addition to the time you will save, you will also avoid sitting in traffic, training at a crowded gym, and spending money on gas. Why waste your time traveling when you can get expert training from the comfort of your own home over live face-to-face video calls!


Reason #3 - EvoTrain offers advantages over hiring a private in-home personal trainer

While it sounds convenient and ideal to have a private personal trainer in your own home, we know it can often be uncomfortable and awkward to hire a stranger to come into your home. If you live in a smaller apartment, live with other people, or have limited space, this can further complicate training with an in-home trainer. Hiring a trainer to come into your home can also be costly and difficult to schedule due to the travel required by the trainer, and things can be further complicated when you are on travel for work or on vacation. We allow you to receive the full benefit of having your own private in-home trainer without the high costs, scheduling difficulties, or any uncomfortable situations. By training with us through live face-to-face video calls, you can even train while traveling!


Reason #4 - Our Training Sessions burn more fat and develop more lean muscle mass than regular endurance exercises or weight training

Ever get the feeling that your daily 45 minutes spent on the elliptical machine isn’t getting you the results you want?  If so, then try just 20 minutes of high intensity interval training (HIIT). Studies have shown that HIIT burns fat at a rate nine times the rate of endurance exercise!  At EvoTrain, one of our specialties is HIIT, and you can expect your trainer to incorporate HIIT into a lot of your sessions.

Two of the reasons that HIIT is so effective are (1) because the training style increases your excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This means that you will consume a lot more oxygen, and in turn calories recovering from this form of exercise than a steady-state workout; (2) because HIIT will help to increase your fast-twitch muscle fibers (think lean and mean) and as you add lean muscle, your body will naturally burn more calories.  That and increasing your VO2 max (i.e. improve your cardiovascular system) are all benefits from incorporating HIIT into your workouts.

But also keep in mind that HIIT is harder to do by yourself, and proper supervision from one of our trainers is an ideal way to master HIIT to burn fat and add lean muscle mass!


Reason #5 - At EvoTrain we provide you top quality certified personal trainers for less then you will pay for any 40 minute in-person training sessions

That’s right, with EvoTrain you save time & money!  By reducing overhead costs and eliminating travel time and expenses, we provide the same high quality, certified personal trainers as you would get at your gym, local training studio, or in-home, for a significantly lower price.  The reduced pricing you see on our site as compared to other 40 minute in-person training sessions is not due to lower quality trainers, but due to our ability to lower our fixed costs and reflect those savings in our pricing for you.  In essence, you will be receiving instruction from a world class trainer for less than anywhere else!


Now that you know how the service works, check out our packages which are all backed by our 110% guarantee.


Be sure to check out some of our customer’s success stories here.  For more information on how it works, see our FAQ's or contact us at 800-939-1056 for a FREE consultation.

Last modified on Friday, March 04, 2011
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